The fastest DApps on Solana depend on Syndica's ChainStream API.
Sniper chose Syndica to power their NFT Trading infrastructure - here's why.
Sniper is a dynamic NFT analytics and trading platform with a blend of real-time insights, comprehensive market analysis, portfolio management, automated order execution, and one of the fastest transaction speeds on Solana.
Syndica infrastructure enables Sniper to:
  • act as a central limit order book (CLOB) for fast and scalable NFT trading execution.
  • aggregate all Solana NFT marketplaces and bulk sell, delist, list, send, and burn NFTs.
  • track portfolios, analytics, and search for traders' wallets.
  • stream real-time NFT price feeds.
Sniper makes hundreds of RPC requests per second with a 99.99% success rate and continuously runs a connection to ChainStream API, so they receive 24/7 instantaneous transaction notifications.
Sniper aims to be the fastest NFT marketplace in all of Web3. They picked an infrastructure partner that could meet the challenge.
Syndica was the fastest, most reliable, and with great pricing. In technology, you always want to go cheaper-better-faster, and Syndica met all of these needs.
Max Zhuang
Founder & CEO
Our limit order time-to-fill dropped from 10s to 300ms after integrating Syndica's ChainStream API.
Max Zhuang
Max Zhuang
Founder & CEO
In addition to the Sniper order book, Syndica’s ChainStream API also powers the Sniper Live Feed.
The Sniper Live Feed aggregates NFT prices from all other Solana marketplaces including Magic Eden, OpenSea, Solanart, Tensor, Fractal, Hadeswap, and more.
The feed shows listings, delistings, and sales in real-time allowing users to purchase NFTs instantaneously through Sniper even if the NFTs are listed elsewhere.
Stream blockchain events in real-time using ChainStream API
Syndica's ChainStream API allows you to receive transaction, slot, and block updates directly from the validator in real time using an RPC PubSub WebSockets.
Having the latest blocks, slot updates (whether they're processed, rooted or confirmed), and real-time commitment-level transactions streamed to your application is critical for your DApp's functionality.
Using ChainStream, developers can subscribe to every Solana update in real-time.
Receive a notification anytime a transaction is processed by the validator. These transactions are at the “processed” commitment level - even before it has been confirmed by the cluster.
Receive a notification every time a new block is processed by the validator. Use this to trigger any processes that kick-off with the presence of a new block.
Receive a notification anytime a slot is updated by the validator. Use this to trigger processes that start depending on a slot’s status (processed, confirmed or rooted).
The Blockchain for Speed.
The Infrastructure for Speed.
The NFT Marketplace for Speed.
Let's go even faster.
ChainStream has enabled Sniper to become one of the fastest trading experiences on Solana.
We've been able to optimize for incredibly low latency reading of on-chain transactions as well as writes with sub-second latencies and a 95% success rate on transactions.
Max Zhuang
Founder & CEO
Syndica delivered as the infrastructure provider.
I was blown away by how well it compared to other solutions in the space, it really felt like the first time I was using a true infrastructure company.
Switching to Syndica gave the Sniper team peace of mind.
Syndica Uptime
of RPC calls per second
of TBs of data transfer

Elastic Nodes
The ‘AWS’ equivalent for web3: Enterprises can scale on autopilot. Elastic nodes intelligently route requests so that infrastructure is autonomously managed.
Developer APIs
Developer APIs like our Chainstream API allow users to get the fastest real-time updates of on-chain activity by subscribing to Block, Transaction, and Slot Updates.
Logs and Analytics
Sift through RPC request data at-a-glance and get to know your audience using detailed views of customer-level logs and analytics.
I recommend Syndica to all the engineers in the space. They provide a truly high quality experience for their customers.
Max Zhuang
Max Zhuang
Founder & CEO
Syndica's APIs power the fastest DApps on Solana.
Syndica provides best-in-class RPC node infrastructure so that you can build your enterprise, leaving the rest to us.
Our service is specifically designed for high-volume enterprises and offers the customizability and dedicated support for seamless integration with Solana.
Join the Infrastructure for Speed.
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