About Us

Who we are

Syndica is building the next generation of developer infrastructure for Web 3.0. Developers have arrived to the Solana ecosystem, but the infrastructure they need hasn’t - until now. We are dedicated to building developer infrastructure that just works. Syndica offers highly scalable RPC node infrastructure, with advanced logging and analytics. Our technical breakthroughs elevate RPC scalability to new heights. And of course, we have the basics covered: best-in-class hardware, strategic geo-locations, and a multi-node architecture.

Our team is composed of the brightest crypto-native minds from places like Messari and 0x Labs. We are backed by strategic partners, investors, and advisors who are all-in on our mission:

Kindred Ventures
Social Capital
Jump Capital
Solana Capital
Defiance Capital
Coin Shares
Three Arrows Capital

The team at Syndica believes that in order for the blockchain movement to succeed, developers will need the right tools to build better products. When equipped with the right tools, developers have proven time and time again that they can change the world. We’re here to help them do that. We’re dedicated to building a lasting company that moves the world forward to the next paradigm of computing.